Let us help you manage your forex accounts


GVM help you trade, manage your account and give you superior profitable results. You just need open a trading account with our partner broker, deposit into your trading account.  Performance fee is charged on profit generated monthly, we only charge fee based on High Water Mark which means that profit is calculated over your invested capital.

GVM ROAR can eliminate the factor that human emotions could interfere with a deal. Aside from human emotions, robots could also eliminate user and manual error. Forex robots, deprived of any emotions, would be able to logically and rationally analyze the trading signals and determine if the deal is profitable or not.

All trading are in real time & transparent, you can view it from their own MT4 program. After that, you just need to sit back and watch your money grows.

Unlike other Forex Fund managers that require you to deposit min usd $10,000, we can help manage your forex account with a min usd $1,000 funding. All funding size of whichever amount is our most precious assets and we strongly believe to keep our promise to make superior profits for you. We are using Multi Account Manager software to manage all our clients forex accounts so that not one account will be left out.

Private / Institutional Clients

GVM has an experienced and dedicated team of professional advisors who provide tailor made investment services to private clients and institutions to meet their investment objectives. We will construct a dedicated strategy to suit your investment profile.

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